Dana gladly accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance, in addition to private payments. Private payments and co-payments for insurance plans are due at the time of service in the form of cash or personal check.

Dana has been a contracted provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield for several years and will gladly support families through the referral and authorization process. This usually entails a simple phone call to your child's primary care physician, providing details she gives to you. After the authorization is in place, Dana works to ensure continued coverage for as long as possible by providing your insurance plan with a request form, session notes, and a short progress summary on an as needed basis. Due to constantly changing insurance and benefit regulations, it is not a guarantee that coverage will last until your child is discharged, but it is Dana's ultimate goal.

While Dana will do everything possible to ensure insurance payment from BCBS or Harvard Pilgrim, the family does assume ultimate financial responsibility for all evaluations and treatment sessions.